Eagle Digitizing is a premier firm providing digitizing services. Our team of professional digitizers, having been digitizing since the early 1990s, offers you the finest digitizing at a very competitive price. Till recently, Guest Posting the hobbyist could not do computerized embroidery because of its extravagant prices. However, the falling costs Embroidery Digitizing of computers, embroidery machines and embroidery digitizing software have now made embroidery digitizing rather popular. Today, embroidery digitizing is possible with an investment as low as $500.

Embroidery digitizing is basically a form of art where its software helps a skilled embroidery digitizer transform an image into stitches. However, just having an embroidery digitizing software is insufficient to produce a beautiful embroidery design. It is necessary to have some imagination and an ability of seeing the picture and details of the intended design. This is because embroidery digitizing is not a process where you just click on a button and sit back to see the design developing.

In embroidery digitizing, the artist first mentally dissects each design into sections and layers to see how each section matches with the other. The blending and merging of colors are also taken into consideration in defining the design. The right atmosphere and mood for the design is created by shadows of the light.

The next part of embroidery digitizing lies in using the software tools to separate parts that have to be redrawn and then stitching using threads. Even the stitching sequences and coloring of the design with the thread is displayed by the embroidery digitizing software to make it easier for you to decide. On completing this, the design is reassembled to get the actual impression of the design in thread and is then sewed out.

Some designs are not fit for embroidery digitizing as thread is three dimensional; unlike oil paints and digital pixels. This is where the embroidery digitizer helps with its artist creativity and problem solving skills. The monitor of the computer is the canvas of embroidery digitizing while the keyboard and mouse are the brushes for the design. And the pallet of the embroidery digitizer is the embroidery digitizing software.

To succeed in embroidery digitizing, it is necessary to have knowledge of fabric types and the push-pull factor of different fabrics. It is also necessary to have some knowledge about needles, stabilizers, thread and creativity to discover the boundaries of embroidery digitizing.

When investing in embroidery digitizing software, it is important that your computer matches its minimum system requirements. It is only if the computer’s specifications meet the specifications of the embroidery digitizing software that it is possible to run the embroidery digitizing software, and use it in the computer.

Manufacturers of embroidery digitizing software generally recommend using an IBM PC or any other compatible computer having a USB port. Regarding the mouse, there are no specifications by embroidery digitizing software. However, it is generally better to use a comfortable, optical and non-roller ball mouse. This is because it is not possible to do precise imaging with a roller ball mouse.

Regarding the processor, it is better to use a fast processor for embroidery digitizing as embroidery digitizing involves imaging and not typing of letters. It is better to have extra memory in the computer as there is never too much of memory space in a computer. Moreover, memory is cheap and provides better embroidery digitizing as more designs can be stored in the computer.

Embroidery digitizing calls for lots of hard disk free space. Basically, 100 MB of space is enough to install embroidery digitizing software. However, once you have creations to store, you are going to need much more hard disk free space. Using a 32 bit color monitor

is better for embroidery digitizing as it makes differentiating of thread colors easier.

These are the basic requirements to start out in embroidery digitizing. However, if required, you can also invest in a graphic printer, CD-ROM drive, CD-ROM Recorder Drive and many other accessories.

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